Workshop Evaluations

Evaluation of workshop and prints, from conversation with, and notes by  workshop participant Charlotte Miller, Miami. Edits by Nadia Korths. 4/17-18/12, Richmond Hill, GA

“There is a meditative, sensual quality to both the prints and the printmaking. Nadia Korths’ goal is to help people in this crazy world, help them get lost in her work(shop), help them find what they need, whatever it is.

You can give hand printmaking your all, you can see that initial spark, that god-shot, and know that you will not be swallowed up by the artistic process. The process can be learned in a manner of minutes. The artist (workshop presenter) presents the keys, then you walk through the door, however far you want to go, or as little as you want. You can come out anytime, stop any time, allow an interruption with no damage.

(The process) becomes individualized right away … trust the process… Learning the technique, the open experimentation, allows for productivity, for immediate results…”

Evaluation from 4.13.12 workshop in Richmond Hill, GA

“I enjoyed seeing how print art is created. I was able to visually see how many colors can come out of using only 3 base colors. It was pretty neat to take unimportant objects and give them value and meaning.
(Could use )…prints by favored artists as visual aides for inspiration.” R.D., Hinesville, GA

Evaluations from participants of the 3.23.12 workshop with S.A., Saranac Lake, NY; A.P., Saranac Lake, NY and S.Y., Jay, NY.

“This class was a great reminder of how much color influences my life and my feelings.
The serendipity of the ‘art outcomes’ reminds me to let go and just let it all happen!
… you are tremendously encouraging and it’s such a relaxed atmosphere, I’d change nothing!
You could give a “hand out” that has the names of the inks and the brayers.”

“Simplicity and beauty.
You are so enthusiastic and allow ideas to breathe naturally.
I love that “beautiful items” can be anything from sentimental to garbage you found on the street yesterday.
Delicious meal – perhaps a little tea upon arrival.”

“Best aspect of this workshop was the open approach to experiment with the materials. Love the studio space.
Cannot think of anything to improve the experience.”

Evaluations from 2.20.12 workshop

( above – photos of handprinting workshop and resulting prints from two of four participants)
– The best thing I got out of this printmaking workshop is the opportunity to express myself creatively with a group of people – providing a sense of community as well as a way to do Art. I felt completely non-judgemental regarding this experience, allowing it to be spontaneous and “in the moment.” I came to this innocently; with no expectations – thus think and felt it to be perfect as it was. Leigh Ann T., Saranac Lake

- It was fun and inspiring, and the finished prints look great. Nothing needs tweaking! Let’s do it again! Betty B., Saranac Lake
-Thanks for this workshop. It was very therapeutic and helped me work through my current grief process. I am more transformed and my energy is coming to a better play. Don’t change a thing. M.W., Saranac Lake
-Best thing – actually doing prints and hanging and appreciating them. Blending colors. (To) tweak – have all supplies ready – paper already cut. Had to really think up a criticism. Jean P., Saranac Lake

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