Nadia Korths – Printmaking Workshop Resume

improvised, spontaneous play

Sunrise, May 2, 2012, Lake Champlain

Sunrise 06.02.12, Lake Champlain
Rice paper
9.5 x 15 inches

Artistic components:  prolific results; improvised use of objects;  initial process demonstrated in minutes; unusual mark making techniques; blending of vibrant primary colors; exploration of soy-oil based, organic pigment, professional printmaker’s inks; ongoing spontaneous peer review of prints and participant initiated techniques during workshop.

Therapeutic components: trust in process; improvisation; experimentation; cooperation; community acknowledgment/contribution; transformation; meditative quality; validation.

Supplied by Artist: Styrofoam trays (4.5 x 6.5 in. typically found in supermarket meat and/or produce display coolers) for printing plates; artist gathered human debris; rice paper; soy oil based professional printmaking Akua Intaglio inks, rollers/brayers, string and miniature clothespins to hang participants’ works as they are created.

Workshop Testimonials
“There is a meditative, sensual quality to both the prints and the printmaking …  you can see that initial spark, that god-shot, and know that you will not be swallowed up by the artistic process. (It) can be learned in a manner of minutes … you walk through the door, however far you want to go, or as little as you want. (The process) becomes individualized right away … allows for productivity, for immediate results…” Charlotte Miller, Miami.
This class was a great reminder of how much color influences my life and my feelings. The serendipity of the ‘art outcomes’ reminds me to let go and just let it all happen! … you are tremendously encouraging and it’s such a relaxed atmosphere, I’d change nothing! …” A. P., Saranac Lake, NY
“Simplicity and beauty. You are so enthusiastic and allow ideas to breathe naturally. I love that “beautiful items” can be anything from sentimental to garbage you found on the street yesterday. Delicious meal …” S. A., Saranac Lake, NY

Workshop Resume
Workshops are designed to fit your space, time and location. Materials are included with registration fees. Korths’ workshop introduces the technique of relief handprinting in a spontaneous, improvisational approach using recycled materials; non-toxic, richly vibrant printing inks; and rice paper. Participants effortlessly produce many colorful abstract meditative works by sharing the creative experience of transforming the debris of our daily lives into vehicles of self expression.

Recent Workshops;
Eco-Friendly Handprinting Workshop
– August 6 – 10, 2013
St. Agathe, the Laurentians, Quebec, private home, 21 people; four 2 hour workshops with home cooked meal of locally grown foods included after each workshop. $45/person
Print, Prose and Recycle – May 15 through July 11, 2013
8 sessions, 2 hours each. Art Class for 55 and older at library
For the Lifetime Aging project, participants created art books of their own vibrant prints paired with short, descriptive word images based on the participant’s current life. They learned to create relief prints; use non-toxic, soy oil based professional printing inks; the history of Eastern style relief prints; and experienced blending of primary colors. Their ten page art book matched five prints with five short descriptive word images. At the culminating event, open to the public, each participant  read one of their word images with the matching print on display. Their art books and a selection of their prints were exhibited at the library for the following thirty days.
The Goff-Nelson Memorial Library in Tupper Lake, NY received funding for this Lifetime Arts Program which is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Westchester Library System, AARP Foundation, American Library Association, New York State Council of the Arts, and the Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation. $2600
Print, Prose and Recycle – February through June, 2013
6 sessions, 45 minutes each. Middle School Art Class
Ten 8th grade students from Keene Central School, in northern NY, created handprints made from self gathered human debris using an Eastern, non-toxic, abstract style of printmaking paired with short descriptive prose of their everyday lives. Each student paired seven prints with seven word images to create two copies of one art art book; one to gift and one to keep. The culminating event  exhibit of the art books was paired with a reading by each student. Feb. 7 to April 9, 2013. In partnership with the Keene Central School a $1500 Arts in Education 2013 grant funded the project. New York State Council of Arts with the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts was administering organization. Artist applicant was responsible for all grant related paperwork.

In 2012, the artist’s first year of offering printmaking workshops, 39 people came to the following eight two hour long Eco-Friendly Handprinting workshops;
St. Agathe, the Laurentians, Quebec, private home, two workshops, 10 people,
Salem, NY, North Main Art Gallery, 10 people,
Richmond Hill, GA, private home, 6 people, each had private one-on-one workshop,
Plattsburgh, NY, ROTA Gallery, 1 workshop, 2 people,
Saranac Lake, NY, artist studio, 2 workshops, 4 each,
Saranac Lake, NY, first workshop in privately funded artist-in- residence complex, 3 people

In her previous work life, she has given workshops to more than one thousand craftspeople and other small businesses from 1999 to 2011. Evaluations were resoundedly positive. The same continues in the handprinting workshops. Testimonials at

My prints are available for viewing and purchase on a wide selection of gift and fine art lines at redbubble and zazzle. / FB / Google + / Twitter / / 518.637.1307 (texting welcome).