Today’s uses of biodegradable food covers

Glass of herbal tea and red cabbage wrapped in biodegradable food cover

Wrapped in biodegradable food cover, red cabbage

Green leaves wrapped in pink/blue 100% cotton dipped in beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil

Edible weed – lambs quarters wrapped in biodegradable food covers

My daily harvest of lamb quarters, a weed which grows in the wounds of soil just cleared of plants, wrapped in an XL circle. I roll the leaves, still attached to stems, into the wrap. The water from the faucet rinses them clean right in the wrap, pouring in one end of the roll and out the other. A clothespin pins the two edges loosely together and in the fridge they go.

A bit later, the cast iron pan has olive oil and a blend of organic palm oil and olive oil heating. The onion and red cabbage (wrapped in a medium), sliced, turn translucent, and a little crispy, because I wander away from the stove. Then the green of the lamb quarter leaves and stems sliced, turns dark and crackles as the hot oil heats it. Dried Rosemary and thyme, from Hava’s garden, melds into aromatic steam. The steel cut oats, already cooked, come tumbling out of the jar as big blobs. Mixed in, a little water and salt added, the oats look like grains of rice. Delice breakfast!

Cast iron pan with steel cut oats, lamb quarters, red cabbage and onions

Breakfast of lamb quarters and steel cut oats

Herbal tea of the day: a touch of Motherwort for calm; a handful of pine needles for Vit. C; a handful of raspberry leaves, a tonic of vitamins and minerals; and a few heads of clovers, for sweetness. I keep adding hot water to it as I move through the day.


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