Thank you

Mimosa leaf inked in purple on pink cotton

A new line of abstract nature prints on biodegradable food covers

Every Saturday, the market throbs with exchanges, with music, with smells of foods cooking. You walk towards my booth, the demo table or, maybe, the fabric sign Biodegradable Food Covers, catches your eye. You venture in. Intriqued by the option of replacing plastic in the kitchen. Often relieved because you have finally found the gift, the completely biodegradable gift, for the member of your tribe, whether family or friend, who eats organic, refuses to use plastic and/or repurposes/recycles/composts everything with a passion. Thank you!

Your dreams, and realities, of transformation fill my marketday with joy, appreciation, inspiration and community. Thank you.

The community of exhibitors, independents, from all walks of life, from whom I have learned, laughed and shared with. We are the kernel of regional, decentralized exchanges. Relationships layered with repeated actions and interconnections. Thank you.

After the market, improvised dinners arise in the moment from what we each bring. Surrounded by art, always changing, sometimes live music, storytelling, laughter, fragrances, savoring. Thank you.

During the week I create/work undisturbed under the pines by the pond in my studio, the popup camper. I kayak the nearby river or the pond, hopefully once a week. Most mornings I practice slow breathing in rhythm with a series of realigning exercises. Then I walk along the creek. The breezes, the water gurgling, the heat of sun drift by, on and through me, tickling my bones. The kingfisher darts by, her cries piercing. Thank you.

The views on the pond from my 2001 27 foot RV with slider always changing with nature’s sounds drifting through the open screens. The property owners and neighbors, proud, independent, feisty, curious, with rituals of interaction layered by decades of being neighbors. Thank you.

Up north, where I live 4 months of the year, I thank my brother for moving within 20 minutes of where we grew up and where my mother, now 87, still lives with her two cats.

I thank my partner, in our 5th year of LAT (Living Apart Together). 32 years together. Whew!

And best of all, our 1980 36 foot Cheoy Lee clipper ketch, after 13 summers of renovations and ADD, sailed the lake. She is beautiful! I so look forward to exploring the lake every summer. Compost toilet, solar lights combined with simplicity. She is so lovely to sail.


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