Storage of biodegradable foodcovers

wrapped as display tubes


Multifunctionality: Unscrew that tight jar lid with your biodegradable food wrap (photo above).

One of many ways to store your biodegradable food covers (photo to left):

Hava, one of my favorite repeat customers, keeps her cloth wraps rolled as tubes in vase like containers on her kitchen counter. Pluck the one you need when you need it.

The head of my extended family rolls his up as tubes, and slides them in the same drawer as the Saran wrap. All in the same place.

My two dearest girlfriends, with whom I never know what weekend adventures I will have, store them, one in the fridge, flat out. The other, hangs them from a nail, head height, inbetween kitchen doorways. Both easy to reach.

I roll them up together, smallest ones inside, into a big tube. That way I have all sizes right at my fingertips. And the outer one protects the others.

One customer said she rolls them into tube with parchment paper to keep the dust off.

I am enjoying the inventiveness!


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