Pawprint wraps for dog and cat food cans

Thank you to the two RAM exhibitors who encouraged me, on the same day no less, unbeknownst to each other, to make pawprint wraps. Denise, of Denise and Tom, Magiluswerx, said theirs have lasted for more than 8 months with daily use. Every day!

So this Saturday, a week after their encouragement, the pawprint wraps debut! Each a functional work of art and personally signed and dated. The based. The 100% cotton is dipped in a tumeric, vinegar, and water bath first, then the pawprints, soy-oil pigment printmaking inks, are pressed, two at a time, onto the sheet. The final step is to hand dip each one into a molten bath of beeswax, pine tree resin and jojoba oil. All three have antimicrobial and/or antibacterial properties.


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