Parachutes and RVs

View from inside sunroom to the southeast

View from inside sunroom to the southeast

The RV’s long side, where door is, faces the SW. The afternoon sun cooks the SW grass covered mowed 2-3 acres of open. I put the sunroom up for a pool of shade as a buffer between that open area and the RV. I don’t use AC. Why should I when I can put the car window sun reflectant aluminum pieces in my RV windows to the east to keep the RV cool, with a breeze coming through?

In the afternoon once the sun has traveled past high noon, the aluminum shades come down to let the breezes blow through even more from the SE, traditional wind direction here in the summer. The storage areas accessing under the couch and bed from the outside are opened up as well to draw cool air in and hot air out. Though the parachute, because it is dark green, does draw more heat into the sunroom, the side walls opened, allow for a stronger breeze to come through to take the hot air with it (photo).

I bought the 40-50′ in diameter parachute at a military surplus store for 90$ 4 winters ago and have used it every year since. The first year, it and a smaller parachute, was wrapped around the bottom of the RV to keep the cold air out from underneath. Wrapped around the sunroom, it prevents the wind from blowing through. It has withstood 45 mile gusts.

The parachute is lightweight and easy for a woman to put up and take down on her own. I use clamps and tie the material in knots to keep it from puffing up.

So keep an eye out for parachutes. Tough fabric. With mosquito netting, it makes a makeshift tent.

Oh, the gray cat. She’s been leased by the property owner to catch some rodents, has had her babies since hidden in the woods. I had some cat and dog food cans that I was using for demos at the market to sell my wraps. They’ll be all empty soon. She’s looking better already, 2 days later. Now she comes to socialize as well :))).


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