E scape / Midway GA / 03.31.2014

by Nadia on April 3, 2014

E scape / Midway GA / 03.31.2014
printmaking inks on rice paper

I had cleaned out all my trash gleanings a few days ago. Had to use the tops of the Murphy’s Oil and rubbing alcohol bottles to create circle reliefs. And a big rubber stopper that I found while biking to Midway yesterday pushed into/imprinted onto the styrofoam tray became the big sun hovering above and peering up from below. I like the 3-D feel of the bush above the rock ledge that appeared in this image. The image is the 9th in the series of 9 printed from the same plate on 03.31.2014 in Midway GA, US.
fineartamerica.com/E-scape / Midway GA / 03.31.2014


We were three for the first session: Alnesha and her uncle, Janard, and I.

From my screened-in awning area we enjoyed the sounds and sights of nature with no bugs. Janard helped me by giving me some feedback to create my 5th Protector prototype.

I’d love a few more creatives to join us.


Open Plein Air Gatherings, Spring 2014

at the Berg Park Aerodrome Grass Airstrip

sponsored by the Grass Strip Foundation, Midway GA.

Nine Sats., Mar. 1- April 31, 1 – 3pm. $20.

Bring whatever tools and medium you enjoy. Create work inspired by the natural setting around you. Rain or shine on 40 acres of coastal Georgia natural setting with 20+ acres of open mowed field. Live Oak tree groves. Sky and marsh views.

Shade or sun, with protection from wind or not. Enjoy two hours of creation in community. Each person receives the space and silence needed to create work while onsite. Receive feedback from others if requested at end of two hours. We will rotate from grove to grove each week. For those who have difficulty walking, a grove of Water Oaks, where the facilities are, and one of Live Oaks, are in the middle of the 20 acre field, respectively 30 feet and 150 feet from the parking area. Do bring a comfortable chair. Two facilities; one has 3 steps but no railing, the other has 4 steps with railing. There will be water to drink.

The first Open Plein Air Create Gathering, Spring 2014, on Saturday, March lst, 1 to 3 pm, is free. Donations of $20 to attend all and/or any of the following eight sessions are requested on behalf of the Grass Strip Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about aviation.

Since we will be on a functioning grass airstrip, for safety purposes:

- Stay off runway

- No dogs

- Cars will park on the left before 2nd gate.

All communications re: the Plein Air Create Gatherings are to be directed to Nadia Korths, Artist-in-Residence at the Berg

Park Aerodrome. Contact: 518.637.1307 (text preferred), nkorths@gmail.com or nadia@nadiakorths.com, FineArtAmerica, Etsy, Twitter, Tumblir, Mobile Art Photography community/Google+, RedBubble, Zazzle, etc.

I am looking forward to time spent with creatives,

Nadia Korths, artist printmaker

Open Plein Air Sessions Mar 1 – April 26


Heart and Voice Expansion/Exploration Workshop

by Nadia on September 3, 2013

CWBW Hearts & Voices flyer PDF

Explore the Heart & Throat chakras with sound, movement, conversation, meditation, good food, tea, and printmaking. Peaceful retreat in the solitudes of Northwestern Adirondacks. Hear the wind.

Materials provided. 10 maximum. 80$ includes tasty lunch and refreshments. Contact Hilary Oak at 315-262-2048 or email hilaryoak@wildblue.com or nadia@nadiakorths.com. No previous experience with printmaking, meditation, or chakra work is necessary.

Creative Well Being Workshop with Nadia Korths & Hilary Oak.


Artbooks Capture the Moment

by Nadia on July 3, 2013

photo: Insert artbook cover by Emily Warner, artbook by Nadia Korths, prose by Pam Martin.

Artbooks Capture the Moment

For eight weeks, every Thursday morning, a group of women have been handprinting and writing prose at the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library in Tupper Lake. On display during the reception for the Print, Prose, ‘n’ Recycle Art Show on Thursday, July 11th, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. will be the fruits of their labor: artbooks, individual prints and group pieces. The art books and a sampling of the individual prints and group pieces will be on display through August 11th.

Teaching artist Nadia Korths describes her goal, “I seek to experience the present as much as possible in my work. Threads of commonality – of connection often emerge between medias created during the same time period. The artbooks, with prints on the page across from prose both created the same day, give viewers an opportunity to explore the unplanned threads.”

The eight session workshop participants, mostly untrained in the visual arts, made in-the-moment prints with objects found that week. Korths said, “Their willingness to experiment is evident in all of the prints. Each of the final pieces is distinctive, truly reflective of the individual.”

The prose, written during each workshop, describes something they had seen, felt, heard, and/or tasted that week. Korths said, “I was captivated by the readings. They ranged from nature sightings to reflective pieces.” Each participant will read a piece at 10:30 a.m. during the reception in the library’s Community Room (waterfront entrance).

The Goff-Nelson Memorial Library in Tupper Lake, NY received funding for this Lifetime Arts Program which is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Westchester Library System, AARP Foundation, American Library Association, New York State Council of the Arts, and the Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation.



because of the way they were written …

by Nadia on June 11, 2013

“Stop right there. They were ‘important’ you say. Important because of their contents, of course, but also because of the way they were written: the handwriting, the mistakes, the words crossed out, the capital letters, the paragraph breaks, the color of the paper, the address on the envelope … In short, when you looked at that letter you could easily call to mind the person who had written it. True or not?” Excursion to Tindari, an Inspector Montalbano Mystery, Andrea Camilleri, p. 162.


Eco-friendly spontaneous, improvised printmaking Vibrant colors of non-toxic, soy-oil based professional printmaking inks. Create 6 – 10 prints with archival rice paper. To gift or keep.

Thursday, June 27 1-3pm, Lake Champlain Islands, VT., North Hero, Methodist Church. Register with Island Arts.

Saturday, July 20 10:30-12:30, downtown historic Plattsburgh, NY, North Country Cultural Center of the Arts, corner of Margaret and Brinkerhoff. For ages 10 – 14. To register contact North Country Cultural Center for the Arts

Saturday, July 27 1:30-3:30, Lake George, NY, Camp Wiawaka, east side of lake across from village in a whole other world. To register contact Camp Wiawaka.

First or Second Week of August Laurentians, St. Agathe, private home, annual get together with dear friends. Includes meal made with regional produce. Contact me directly.


Partnering Teacher Evaluation

The project that Nadia Korths brought to the eighth grade at Keene Central School has been positive in many ways.  Most generally, it was refreshing to have a new artistic teaching perspective, as the students have just one art teacher throughout their entire school experience at Keene Central School.

 More specifically, this project gave the students an opportunity to work with found and recycled materials, engage with the ELA and science curricula, make art in a spontaneous and stress-free way, and express themselves in a direct and immediate manner.

 The books that the students produced were beautiful.  Nearly all the students and many of their family members attended the culminating experience, a mini-gallery opening with readings and presentations.  Nadia came to school before our annual school art show and set up the gallery so that the finished pieces were on display for the general public.

The students clearly enjoyed this project and were proud of their final products.  Nadia was great to work with, and we all appreciated her energy, enthusiasm, encouragement, and creativity.

Cheryl MacFadden, Art Teacher
Keene Central School


An allocation in the amount of $2,615 has been awarded to the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library to support the implementation of 8 sessions of the Workshop Print, Prose and Recycle, as part of Creative Aging in New York State Libraries: A Regional Model with National Applicability.

Workshop: Print, Prose and Recycle
Teaching Artist: Nadia Korths
By using recycled materials and eastern-style printmaking techniques, participants will make vibrantly colored prints on paper. Participants will learn a non-toxic, abstract printmaking technique to create prints by hand and create word images from everyday observations. With the theme of time, students will compile their prints and vignettes into an art book, which will be showcased at a culminating event.

Workshop Dates: Thursdays, 9:30am-11:30am.
May 16, 23, 30; June 6, 13, 20, 25 (Tuesday); July 2 (Tuesday), 2013
Culminating Event: Thursdays, July 11th, 2013, 9:30am-11:30am

Workshop location: Goff Nelson Memorial Library, 41 Lake St., Tupper Lake, NY

The class is free for people 55 and older. You are invited to register by calling the library at 518.359.9421.

“This Lifetime Arts Program is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Westchester Library System, AARP Foundation, American Library Association, New York State Council of the Arts, and the Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation.”


‘”That pinch of your soul that makes you think you’re real,” (Patrick) Kinmonth calls it. “a sense of discovery that is actually the most exciting thing, because it’s proof that you are in the moment.”‘ Innovator of the year 2012/Design The ecstasy of influence by Tim Blanks, Wall Street Journal Magazine, November 2012 p. 88. Photography by Nigel Shafran.