Living the paradigm shift

evening time reflection of cypress

evening time reflection of cypress

I step into the coolness of the RV, bags of groceries, away-for-wkend and aftershow clustered at my feet. With the tube of many rolled wraps on the entry table, I strip all the plastic off the foods bought at the supermarket. The romaine, 3 per bag, is now rolled up in two large wraps; the argula, basil and purple something harvested at my friend’s wrapped in another; the rest of the bartered homemade bread loaf is wrapped in brown paper, then XL wrap and finally with scarf.

I sell imperfection. I sell inconvenience. Every Saturday at the market under the bridge. Those who visit my booth experience a completely biodegradable shopping experience; the wrap; the newsprint, info sheet and biz card as packaging with the final touch, a scrap of remnant to tie around.

None of my wraps are the same. Tumeric stain, cut, pattern, and my signing each one. I sell imperfection.

When handling the wraps the fingers feel tacky for a few minutes because they are absorbing the antibacterial properties of local beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and pine tree resin. The rim of the bowl may have to be washed with hot water to remove the faint traces of beeswax. I sell inconvenience.

For the sake of convenience, we are fat, sick, weak and lost in the latest wave of social media, rudderless.

While our planet calls out to us to come back. To share foods grown in eco-nurturing ways with our neighbors. To experience the richness of exchange, manual labor and slow time.


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