Living the paradigm shift II

One xs biodegradable food cover, perfect for half onion Waiting for the next half onion

I step into the coolness of the RV. Bags of groceries, away-for-weekend, and after market, cluster, like children around my feet.
I unroll the biodegradable food covers. First the organic romaine, 3 per bag, is cradled within two XL, happy to be able to breathe again. The argula, basil and purple Tulsi are wrapped loosely in a Large.

The rest of the homebaked loaf of bread is brown bagged and then wrapped in an XL. We await the arrival of my step niece and her two daughters. Pieces of the bread will be dipped by little, and big, fingers, into the spaghetti sauce and smeared across the plate to soak up every drop.

Their second visit, to the 3rd of 3 rural settings I have inhabited the last 5 years. In the deep South.

I sell imperfection, I sell inconvenience. Every Saturday under the bridge, at the market. Those lightening their footprints – shifting paradigms, come into my booth. Pleased to find another way to be part of the change. So enchanted to be part of a totally biodegradable exchange.

The abstract pattern on the food covers seen in the entry photo were created last week (2nd wk Oct.). Called moon through blinds, inspired by the gorgeous full moon rising over the pond. The sounds of frogs, crickets, maybe a slight breeze in the pines. I’ll post it on Etsy depending on the interest shown at market.


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