International women’s day

The four women above are organizers for the Tiny Home Festivals coming up in California, Oklahoma and Massachusetts.

At the Atlanta, GA Tiny Home Festival where I photo these beautiful four (Google tiny home festival and state for info) I meet the following two women.

She has birthed six daughters. She walks with grace! Her words and actions remind me to not blame.
She learns the skills of booth setup from her husband of 42 years. His cancer has moved from prostate to bone. He is sometimes gruff, she says. The ache in his bones is bad, especially after the treatments.
Every moment is savored.

She is an ex-truckdriver. She smokes cigarettes. I lend her my car every morning during the festival. She gets her MacDonald’s breakfast, I get a thermos of hot water.
Her tent will butt up to the Dodge van she is converting for her and her 81 year old mother. Who just got fired! Now their home is in foreclosure :(((. The daughter, my ex-truckdriver friend, says to her mother, “Write up your bucket list of places you want to visit. We’ll go in the van.” The mother, right away, with no hesitation, says “Yes!”


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