Do you have collections of objects which act as memory triggers of special moments of time and place?  Objects with symbolic meanings which if transformed will help spiritual/emotional transitions?

I can create a print for you made from your objects. Mail me your objects and provide me whatever imagery, mood, colors, etc., you associate with that moment and/or place. I’ll create a few plates and show you some inked prints. You pick the one which feels right.

Objects must be no larger than 5 inches in size.
Include a self-addressed, stamped return packet.

Since 2007 I’ve been hand printing relief abstract landscapes, still lifes and figurative works from found discarded objects. During my everyday walks, I collect the objects. At the end of the week, I compose relief prints from that week’s cache. Colors seen during my walks determine the palette for each print series. They become a record of that time and place.

I chose to recycle supermarket Styrofoam trays as printing plates. I press the found objects into the tray. I print with Akua non toxic soy-based intaglio inks.

The resulting images are improvisational explorations of line quality, shape relationships, and tonal and color intensities. The juxtaposition of the objects determines what emerges.

You may view and purchase my prints on a wide selection of gift and fine art lines, learn some of the latest news and more about the artist at | nadia at nadiakorths dot com | 518.637.1307 |  Google artist printmaker Nadia Korths on FB.