beeswax plastic uses

Photo: medium size circle food covers – 3 patterns – always changing.

Read about the many benefits of beeswax.

2017 First Coast Living Two minutes of Beeskeeper Cloth Wraps Live.

Breaking new food cover uses:

Uses them everyday to cover unfinished wet food tins for cats. Going on 8 months.

Sun tea jar lid. Sun’s heat self-adheres lid to jar.

unscrew tight lid

cover remains of smoothie

store soaps while traveling

guamole stays green 20 hours, half fridge, half outdoors. In covered cup.

cover rising bread

skid prevention pad behind sink in RV


  • cover and seal bowls, plates, pie plates, casserole pans, salad bowls
  • wrap celery, radishes, a loaf of bread, carrots, bananas, a block of cheese, etc.
  • wrap already cut vegetables and fruits such as avocados, lemons, limes, ginger and tumeric root, onions, cabbage
  • cap that unfinished glass of ice tea/ milk/ juice/ coffee
  • cap teapot spout
  • as placemats


  • wrap presents
  • ornaments
  • bill pouch
  • add to lampshades for decorative translucence and beeswax fragrance

Note: if in an outside hot still area, bees will stop by to sniff. As they realize there is no food they fly off. Thank them for making the wax. Planting native perennials that flower in early spring and late fall gives bees food at the most crucial times.

You may cut Beeskeeper wraps with scissors.

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