1) Create prints from found objects using styrofoam trays as plates – Participants bring small found objects, styrofoam trays (typically found in supermarket meat display coolers), blank letterhead (the best) paper for printing on and brushes, brayers, whatever works to put ink on plate.  Spontaneously create  works of art. No technical skills needed. Feel great because you’re recycling at the same time.  3 hours, 45$/participant. Maximum of 4 people.  Inks, brushes, brayers and hand-rubbing tools provided. Meal provided.  If larger groups wish to do workshop we can rent the print studio at BluSeed Studios right in the village. This location is also preferred for those who cannot climb stairs.  There are some 20 steps in all to my second floor handprinting studio.

more workshops below


During my 15 year ngo craft marketing career, I have presented/facilitated engaging, hands-on, question-driven marketing workshops (to more than a thousand people since 2000). The workshops are based on practices most suitable for marketing  product in the mountainous rural resort areas of the Northeast.


“We’ve had Nadia present twice in the last three years, one workshop in 2007 in five different locations and and another workshop in two different locations this year (2009). What has astonished me the most is that no workshop is ever the same – she tailors them to answer the needs of the workshop participants!”

Jennifer L. Swain
Executive Director, Northern Tier Cultural Alliance
One Washington Street, Suite A
Towanda, PA  18848
Fax: 570-265-4558

“Spontaneous applause from the participants! Nothing says it more clearly. Nadia has this knack to help each and everyone of them (workshop participants) build self-confidence and create networks – and she does this all in three hours. We can’t wait to have her back!”

Terri Dennison
PA Route 6 Heritage Corporation,  PA Route 6 Tourist Association
Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful – North US Route 6 Tourist Association – Pennsylvania Division
PO Box 180,  Galeton PA 16922

More workshops I enjoy presenting:

2) website in a day – for people interested in setting up their own websites either for professional or personal use. The 6 hour course focuses on setting up a website with WordPress. Learn how to add pages, add content both photos and text, add apps (plugins and widgets), select templates, add links, do some basic search engine optimization. Share and learn techniques, templates and apps from each other during the course. Bring a credit or debit card to purchase a domain name and pay for a host. Fun, free-for-all, never know what’s going to happen – ideal group size from 8 to 12. $50/participant. Bring your own lunch.

Just had one at the Adirondack Business Center in Saranac Lake on July 20, 2011. 6 people – great fun – three of them installed their wordpress cms on the host in class and left class with working sites, 3 were in process of transferring their domain name. All became familiar with using the wordpress control panel and adding pages and content both text and images. Good class to learn the differences between the dashboard of hosted websites vs. self-hosted wordpress sites.

3) how to establish and maintain wholesale accounts – for artisan producers who wish to grow  shoulder season income which allows for more production time and complements attending craft fairs every weekend. 4 hours. $40/participant (additional 20$ for second person from same company). Bring your own lunch.

4) marketing toolkit for retailers in rural or small community based settings – for independently owned giftshop and studio owners wishing to increase the rate of converting drive-by traffic into buying customers.

5) how to market your business and what branding a small business means – targets the micro-niche business who wishes to identify and strengthen the many ways they are already branding and marketing themselves.

Other services:

– providing one-on-one marketing assistance to artisans and retailers and other micro-niche businesses

– research for authors and grant writers