making my art

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making my art

dewdrops on spiderwebsI stream my morning walks. Since 2011. I post 2 to 3 (of the daily 50 to 200 photos) to Google+ while I walk the perimeter of the grass airstrip in coastal Georgia US during the cold season.  In the summers I post on G+ and on the marina FB page a few shots of the world-stream-life by the marina in the rich small farm agricultural land on Lake Champlain, an hour south of Montreal.

Abstract Winter Wood SceneI write descriptive prose and sometimes match it to my prints and photos. I have some audio postings on Soundcloud and some prose/imagery combos on my Redbubble print on demand (POD) sales site.

Since Oct. 2014 I create prose on the fly with other multi media artists on Google+ in response to their imagery or words, both in English and French. Too cool! I have a vision of many of us responding on the fly in G+ to each other’s words and images, a wave of acknowledgements that ripple through the virtual worldstream and hopefully encourage acknowledgement in the planet-home-world-stream.

I take photos of my manilla folder abstracts with the sun backlighting them since Oct. 2014. These in-the-moment abstracts only exist as the photo. The ones I am posting in the G+ Abstract Art community are collecting a lot of views, sometimes up to 5000 with 2 – 3 days.

I started in early Nov. to upload 5 photo and print-in-sunlight images at least once a week to FAA/FineArtAmerica and Redbubble, sometimes on the same day taken/made, always within 3 days.

The concept of the print-on-demand sales of original artist work is a step in the right direction. As an artist, my capital is not invested in inventory and only the piece that you like is made. And my art is available on functional objects as well as wall art and as cards. I have been remiss to not post regularly on Redbubble for about two years. I joined FAA in January 2014. Changing my lifepath in the last 3 years took a lot of energy and focus.

Handprinting since 2007. Styrofoam relief handprinting onto rice paper is tactile, sensuous. The relief markings on my Styrofoam plates are the indents created by pressing small metal and plastic bits of trash found during my walks.  Add the richness of the Akua Intaglio hansa yellow, crimson red and phathlo blue, non-toxic, soy-oil based printmaking inks. I roll 8 to 12 prints, from the same plate, mesmerized by the changes from one to the next, even though I use the same pattern of movement for each one.  The density of the tiny Styrofoam cells creates a saturated richness.

I make notecards with my original prints. I mount the handprinted-on-rice-paper abstract landscapes onto 90 to 140 lb watercolor paper. I reuse wallpaper catalog samples to handfold envelopes. Rice paper is made from renewable sources.

Many of my handmade lines are created from the residue of making my prints and/or readily available materials. I have an Etsy store where some samples are posted.

I transform my cotton cleaning sheets into stretched cotton frame art and laminated earrings and protector angels/spirits/guides.

Another obsession of mine – that we each deserve a unique piece of art. I roll the inks onto the rich off-white of manilla folders, initially because I needed some business cards. The one I give you with my name handwritten on it is yours and only yours. No one else has one like yours. If you buy or barter one of my handmade pieces, any and all of them, it is yours and only yours. No one else has that image.

The richly color-inked manilla folder paper has also become resendable postcards, gift tags, and bookmarks. The strips of leftover watercolor paper from making the notecards become tiny abstract 2″ x 3″ gift tags. Each a mini fine art pieces, not one the same.

All my art tools are easily portable. My studios, both in the north and in the south, are in popup campers. As the sign says in wilderness camping areas, “What you take in, take out.”