making my art

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making a print

Styrofoam relief handprinting with rice paper is tactile, sensuous. Add the richness of the Akua Intaglio inks, obsessed I am with hansa yellow, crimson red and phathlo blue. I roll 8 to 12 prints, from the same plate, mesmerized by the changes from one to the next.  The density of the tiny cells creates the saturated richness of the print.

I write descriptive prose and match it to my prints. Not as much as I’d like to.

Since starting my artist-in-residence on a grass airstrip in coastal GA in late Sept. I have been transforming my cotton cleaning sheets into stretched cotton frame art. Six pieces are on display at the Hinesville Day Spa. I make laminated earrings and Protectors, shaped like Live Oak leaves, from the fabric.

I also started rolling the inks onto the rich off-white of manilla folders. I make resendable postcards, window pop glows, gift tags, bookmarks and business cards from them.

I make notecards with my original prints. I mount them on 90 to 140 lb watercolor paper and wrap them in handfolded envelopes made from wallpaper samples. My gift tags are also mounted on watercolor paper. From resendable postcard to bookmark available on Etsy.

My prints and cropped manilla folder works are available on Fine Arts America. I piece together the smallest cropped pieces into images. To discover what already exists. I so enjoy that.

Recycling is an integral part of my life and my artwork. The relief markings are created by pressing small metal and plastic bits of trash found every day.

It’s so funny though. Since living on the grass airstrip there is so little trash to collect that now I must pick up whenever I venture off the property.

The wallpaper sample catalogs were going to be trashed. They make very sturdy envelopes. And the inks I use are non-toxic, soy-oil based. Rice paper is made from renewable sources. All my art and tools are easily portable.

I name my works by what I discover in them once they are done. Other people see other things, sometimes they see different things at different times.