making my art

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making my art

dewdrops on spiderwebs


I post photos on G+ profile that I have photoed in that moment most days going on 5 years.

My descriptive poems spoken on Soundcloud. These are from 5 – 10 years ago.

Handprinting since 2007. Styrofoam relief handprinting onto rice paper is tactile, sensuous. The relief markings on my Styrofoam plates are the indents created by pressing small metal and plastic bits of trash found during my walks.  Add the richness of the Akua Intaglio hansa yellow, crimson red and phathlo blue, non-toxic, soy-oil based printmaking inks. I roll 8 to 12 prints, from the same plate, mesmerized by the changes from one to the next, even though I use the same pattern of movement for each one.  The density of the tiny Styrofoam cells creates a saturated richness.

Since October 2015, making functional Beeskeeper Cloth Wraps, each individually made, signed and dated.

How did Beeskeeper Cloth Wraps start?

A dear friend gave me a wrap from Bee’s Wrap, by the woman in Vermont who now sells in health food stores. I immediately knew what I could do with my beautiful abstract 100% cotton printmaking cleaning rags. I had not been able to throw them out. I had been selling my Styrofoam relief prints at the Riverside Arts Market since March 2015. Sales were not what I was hoping for. In October I started dipping my printmaking cleaning rags into beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin to make my biodegradable reusable cloth wraps. I started making more sales. I am privileged to see how many people do wish to lighten their footprint on the planet every market day.