To minimize my business footprint, I use existing resources. My work studio is a used popup camper, overlooking a pond. From where I see the osprey splash down. To miss the fish. So far! Propane is used once a week for an hour or two on very low heat. Non-toxic beeswax, jojoba oil, tree resin and tumeric make the wrap. Two are organic. All have antibacterial or antimicrobial properties. Each week I moisturize my exposed skin with the jojoba oil while I dip the fabric into the molten bath. Sometimes I sip a glass of wine. Who will appear at the pond this week? The kingfisher, the hawk, the osprey, the otter? Zero-waste.

Your package comes in a large paper envelope made from sustainable forest harvesting, or in a repurposed one. My minimalist show booth display is made of bamboo; repurposed materials, particularly netting, gusts blow through; and beeswax dipped, or paper, signage. My wraps sell at a weekly arts/farm market where I buy my beeswax. In a city of 800,000. One used Ford Focus Hatchback 1.5 hour loop into the city and back. Stay the night. Socialize and buy the few groceries I still need at the local health food store and the supermarket that has collection cans for plastic and for styrofoam. Make the $ I need to live my simple and minimalist life, and not more.

I have composted, recycled/repurposed, eaten organic as much as possible, done manual labor myself, since a child. For the past 4 years, I live in used RVs, one up north and one down south. Learning the local permaculture practices to draw down carbon while growing food forests is nourishing on many levels. The Luci solar lamps and Rynogy solar cellphone charger work well. Compost toilet in the 36 foot sailboat but not yet in the RVs. Solar and wind off-grid are on the horizon.

The fabric of Beeskeeper Cloth wraps is repurposed 100% cotton bedsheets. You select floral/cheery or geometric or no pattern or assorted. The exact pattern/s will be the surprise when you open your package.



As artist-in-residence she lives in a colorfully furnished cosy RV in the southern most tip of GA during the cold months, and in a marina on Lake Champlain for the warm ones.

Born in Montreal, Canada, Korths graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.A. in Anthropology in 1981.

In late 2012 she sold her 27 year completely renovated dearly loved home in Saranac Lake, NY where, during her 40s, she created abstract and sculptural works with handmade papers and found objects.

She, until 2012, worked for two regional agencies, one for more than 15 years and the other for 5 years, providing marketing venues and services to micro-businesses, particularly artisans.