Her richly vibrant art is made in an improvisational manner with non-toxic, soy-oil based printmaking ink (Akua) colors of yellow, red and blue applied with rollers.  Since 2007 she uses rice paper and, beginning in 2013, cotton sheets and manilla folders as the printing/painting surface.

The resulting images are improvisational explorations of line quality, shape relationships, and tonal and color intensities. The juxtaposition of the objects determines what emerges.


As artist-in-residence she lives in a colorfully furnished cosy RV in coastal GA on a grass airstrip near Midway during the cold months, and in a marina on Lake Champlain for the warm ones.

Born in Montreal, Canada, Korths graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.A. in Anthropology in 1981.

In late 2012 she sold her 27 year completely renovated dearly loved home in Saranac Lake, NY where, during her 40s, she created abstract and sculptural works with handmade papers and found objects.

She, until 2012, worked for two regional agencies, one for more than 15 years and the other for 5 years, providing marketing venues and services to micro-businesses, particularly artisans.